This lightweight “magic box” is an extremely affordable and versatile utility to help your magic show run more smoothly.

Part One

0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – The OLD box that is getting replaced
2:27 РAll hail SKUBB
4:05 – And the family of little boxes
4:53 – Make the box pack smaller
6:32 – Adding Velcro inside
8:00 – Making custom compartments
8:57 – The challenge of big Rings
10:20 – Divide and conquer
12:02 – Custom clips and accessories

Dumps, steals, prop management, and even the option for advertising!

Part Two

0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – How to make a sign for your case
3:51 – Attaching your sign with magnets
6:16 – More tips on Velcro accessories and clips
7:34 – Some sign design suggestions

SKUBB boxes

These are made with the SKUBB series of boxes from IKEA, which means they should be available worldwide!

The large box comes in a set of three for $19 CAD.

The inside compartments come in a set of six assorted sizes for $9.99 CAD

You may find similar closet-organizer or storage boxes that fold flat. However, I found these SKUBB boxes to be more durable than most, as they are made with a corrugated plastic inside rather than cardboard.

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