How TO Make Your Candy Cane Puzzles

Here is everything you need to know about printing and making your own Candy Cane Puzzles. We will cover the different files contained in your product download, how to print, cut and assemble them, and even the best place to find the right candy canes!

Before we get started, you’ll need to download your files for the Candy Cane Puzzle product. If you don’t have access to these files, you must not be signed in with an account that has purchased this item.

Download your Candy Cane Labels:

Go to Candy Cane Puzzle in the shop.

Opening The Files

The download for this product is on ZIP file that contains a variety of PDF and image files. You’ll need to download the ZIP file and then unzip or extract the files onto your computer.

Printing Without Customization

While many of our products here are best put to use when you customize them for your business, the Candy Cane Puzzles are still a ton of fun straight out of the box with no personalization.

If you want to get started fast, just open up the file called candy-cane-puzzle-FULL.pdf and print the page.

If you want to print your labels on colored paper, you can use the file candy-cane-puzzle-WHITE.pdf, which has removed the background coloring.

Skip over the next section and proceed to cutting the labels.

Customizing Your Labels (The Easy Way)

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is standard software available for free) you can open up the file candy-cane-puzzle-FORM.pdf

With this file you can easily change the text on the backside of the label. Just click on the highlighted form field and type. It will automatically change for ALL the labels on the page. Edit the blurb as you wish, and add your name, phone number, or website as you see fit. There’s not much space, so it must be short!

More Advanced Customization

If you’re wanting to get more creative with your label customization, maybe adding logos or pictures, you’ll have to use your favorite image editing program.

I can’t offer much help here, as it will be up to you and your graphic skills to get the job done. However, this is the reason why you’ll find the candy-cane-puzzle-BLANK.pdf file which is ready for you to do your thing!

Depending on your graphics program, you may want to make use of the JPEG file templates rather than the PDFs.

Cutting Your Labels

Once you print your pages, you’ll have eighteen labels on each page. There is a specific way to cut out your labels that will save some time.

  1. Cut HORIZONTAL strips, so you end up with three rows of six labels side-by-side.
  2. FOLD each strip down the center, so that you are folding all six labels at the same time.
  3. Once it’s folded, snip off each individual label.

Get The Right Candy Canes

You want to find the small little candy canes that are individually bagged. I found the most reliable source is a dollar store, where I can find a box of 40 or so for $3 dollars.

DO NOT BUY the candy canes that are tightly “shrink-wrapped.” Not only are they usually more expensive, they won’t work at all for these labels.

Attaching The Labels

Normally I use a stapler. Fold the the label around one end of the candy cane bag and put a single staple through all three layers.

BE AWARE: For young children, staples may be a safety hazard. (or at least believed to be so by concerned parents) In this case you may want to consider a glue or other adhesive. Glue the entire inside of the label, fold it around the bag, and squeeze tight. You may have to experiment to find the best glue that will hold the plastic firmly.

Save The Best Part For Last!

With a firm thump of your fist, smash the candy cane into pieces inside the bag.

For comedy effect, you may wish to save this step until the time at which you give the puzzle to a person. You can say “oh, wait, I forgot to make it a puzzle” WHAM!

You can also joke about making the puzzle more difficult by giving it a second smack.