I Want To Help You Be the Magician You Want To Be

Make Magic Happen is a goal planning program that takes you from big dreams in your head to a solid action plan on paper.

It will help you create a strategy with  step-by-step instructions to knock it out of the park this year!

Ryan talks about the Make Magic Happen program and invites you to join for an amazing 2019!


Nine lessons will be delivered by email to walk you through each and every step towards reaching your goals.

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Magic is hard.

Performing magic is an intricate balancing act of theatrics on top of psychology, equal parts engineering and art, all teetering on a toothbrush a delicate moment of astonishment.

Magicians tend to be analytical people, obsessed with details, trying to wear many hats while juggling multiple irons in the fire.

So yes, magic is hard, and I often feel I get hung up on all this in a way that prevents me from making progress as fast as they’d like. Does that sound familiar?

Set the stage and open the curtain to an amazing year!

In my twenty-plus years as a magician I’ve had my fair share of big dreams. Some of which I’ve accomplished (writing a book, presenting a lecture, touring my show, founding a magic festival…) and many more that, so far, are still just dreams.

I’m not going to say I’ve cracked the code, but I’ve learned some techniques and ideas that might help you to make progress more reliable and focus your energy in a forward direction.

This course is going to help you take a pile of “someday” wishes, and vague goals and turn them into a specific plan, with actionable steps, that will allow you to move farther and faster than ever before.

Let’s make next year a remarkable year of growth for you as a magician!

I’ve prepared nine lessons that will walk you through each step, from writing down your dreams to creating a concrete plan of action. Along the way we’ll look at some of the fears, hang-ups, and challenges that may be holding you back and learn how to deal with them to move forward.

The Make Magic Happen program will be actively hosted by me for the month of January, delivering nine lessons with videos and steps you’ll need to complete. Throughout the rest of the year, you can still go back and access the course content as needed.

This course is offered to you at no cost, but it is by no means “free.” The payment is not made in dollars and cents, but rather your time and commitment. You are solely responsible for achieving your dreams, and nobody will do that for you. I can help you save some time, and improve your focus, but it will still be up to you to put in the hard work.

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