be amazing in 2019

Let’s get ready to go from big dreams to a practical plan of action in the next month.

In this first video Ryan gives you an overview of the entire Make Magic Happen program.

Step One

Write Down Your Dreams

A big part of this program is about getting out of your own head. Don’t underestimate the power of writing stuff down.

Action Step: Write Down Your Dreams

No specific order, no specific structure, just get them on paper. 5 – 20 minutes

Step TWO

What’s Been Holding You Back?

Part of this process will be digging into your own personal hang-ups to discover common hurdles, and make a plan to get over them.

Action Step: Write Down Your Challenges

Take some time to sit and look within. Become aware of your common roadblocks and write it down10 – 20 minutes

Ready To Rock!

It’s almost time to get down to serious work on this. Work on the two steps above, then make plans for our live webinar.

Action Step: Register for the webinar

Join us on the evening of January 2nd to really kick off this Make Magic Happen program, learn what’s coming up, and get all your questions answered.

Still time to invite your magician friends…

The Make Magic Happen program is going to seriously kick off on January 2nd, and once that starts it will be a quick pace. So, if you know a magician who could benefit from some increased focus and accountability, please do connect them to the Make Magic Happen course home page so they can get in on all the action.