Fail Forward Fast

The quickest way to move forward on your goals is to leap into the unknown, try things, and fail your way to the target. Willingness to take risk and fail publicly will accelerate your progress.


Confidence to Fail

Ryan looks back on the boldness of his youth and sees how his current attitude is hindering progress.

Let’s pledge to shift our attitudes and make failure our best friend through this year of getting stuff done and making magic happen!


Risk Assessment

Before we are willing to fail, it’s good to understand the risks… or lack thereof. In truth, most of the things we are scared to attempt have very few negative consequences beyond our own bruised egos. Ryan offers three questions to assess the risk:

  1. What’s the worst that could happen?
  2. What’s a more likely failure outcome?
  3. If it fails, what happens next?

Action Step: RISK Assessment

Challenge the big scary actions that you are hesitating to try to see that the worst case scenario may not be so bad.

Coming up next… Let’s Get Ready to Ride, Pardner!

We’ve reached the end of the month, and there’s just one more lesson to go. This is it! Time to take all our plans, goals, and big scary risks and get to work.