Make Sure Your Goals Are Too Big To Pass By

Every day we make a decision to do or not do hundreds of things. Stuff falls through the cracks because, at that moment, it’s not important to us. (even though, in the big picture, it might be very important!)

Today we take one last “big picture” look at our goals to make sure we are staking our flags on territory worth fighting for.


Worth The Struggle

The path from here to your goal will be covered in hazards, hurdles, and plenty of distractions. If you don’t know WHY you’re doing it, you might as well save yourself the trouble.

Before we set out, let’s take some time to reinforce our core motivation, and write it down for our time of greatest need!


Why’s and What If’s

I’ve got a series of questions for you to dig deeper into the reasons behind your goal.

Action Step: Heart Worksheet

Download the Heart Of Your Goals worksheet and fill out one sheet for each goal to uncover your motivation.

Coming up next… Moving from Goals To Plans

We are turning a corner on the Make Magic Happen program. We’ve got our goals, made them SMART, and now confirmed the Heart. We know they are worth pursuing, so it’s time to make our plan of action.

In the next lesson we will start breaking our big goals down to achievable steps and milestones.