Break It Down For Me Now!

Big goals require big action, and it’s not just magically going to get done without a big plan. Today we’re talking about breaking big goals down into actionable steps and setting milestones along the way.


Creating The Plan

Because every goal is unique, there is no master planner that works for every situation. However, the basic steps are the same.

  1. Define your finish line, and create milestones along the way.
  2. Create a list of steps to take you from where you are no to where you want to be.
  3. What actions or tasks will accomplish those steps.
  4. Spread the work out over the year (or whatever your time scale is)

Or more simply, what will it take to keep you focused on your path and moving forward each month, week, and day?

Action Step: Make Your Plan

Sketch out your rough plan, then block it into your calendar, set reminders, and do whatever it takes to keep yourself on track.


Ryan Talks Through Three Plans

Tips & Tricks Blogging

Ryan’s plan to build and audience with his magic blog and continually create quality content. A personal project with no external deadlines.

Repertoire Development

Creating, developing, writing, and rehearsing a brand new magic show is a huge undertaking. Turns out it needs to get it done in four months. An example of working with hard deadlines.

Event Producing

How to produce a lot of events and get better at it as you go. A look at making sure your short term goals also have a long term growth plan connected with them.

Coming up this week… Daily Action and Developing Disciplined Habits

Big plans only become real through disciplined effort. Little things that we do each day to move forward. In the next lesson we’ll look at ways to develop new habits, what it takes to stick with them, and how to make it (a little bit) easier.