Let’s set SMART goals, not dumb ones.

I’m not trying to be critical of your goals… just the way you have them written. Most of the time when we write down a goal, or make a resolution, we don’t go into enough detail. We don’t flesh it out. As a result, the goal often sits there like a deflated party balloon after New Years Eve.

Digging into the details will help your goals survive the entire year!

Step One

The Elements of a SMART Goal

Ryan breaks down each of the five pieces of a SMART goal, with examples to help you when it comes time to write your own.

Careful: Don’t skip this if you think you’ve heard before. It may be a little different than other version, and I want to make sure we’re all using the same terms.

Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time-bound

Step TWO

The SMART Goal Planner

We’re going to dig into the goals you have written down already and run them through the SMART process to make sure they are fully fleshed out.

Action Step: SMART Worksheet

Download the SMART Goal Planner worksheet and fill out one sheet for each and every goal you plan to take on this year.

Now may be a good time to share your goals.

It can be tricky to share a goal when it’s still a dream. It’s fragile. Now you’ve beefed up your goals, you’ve thought them through, and figured out how they fit into your life. If you’re comfortable doing so, now would be a good time to share your goals with the “stakeholders” in your life… those people who truly want to see you succeed!

I’m one of those people, and I’ll bet you’ll find many more friendly faces in our Make Magic Happen Facebook Group. You’re welcome to share some, or all, of your formulated goals there.

A Quick Note on Feedback

As we share our goals and plans with each other, please be aware that feedback is not necessary, and sometimes not welcomed.

This is a personal process, and I want our space to feel like a a place for encouragement, not criticism.

Please, only give feedback on a post if the original poster specifically asks for it.