All The Magic Happens When You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

IF you keep doing the same thing, you can expect the same results. If you want to make changes, you need to try something new, and sometimes try some a little (or a lot) scary!


Poking At Our Fears

The fears of stepping outside our comfort zone are going to try to stop us from meeting our goals. You can be ready to tackle them head on by shining the light on them, analyzing the “facts” behind your “feelings”, and making more rational decisions.

In this video Ryan talks about the Two-Column exercise and shares his own personal example of an irrational fear that has been holding him back.

Action Step: Two-Column Excercise

Grab a sheet of paper and put your irrational fears and excuses to the test.

Coming up next… A Festival of Failure!

Great news! You will soon be getting a lesson on failure from one of the world’s leading experts! This will become an invaluable skill in moving forward on your goals.