Tips & Tutorials for PYO Roll-Up Wands

Editing Your Templates

The easy way to customize your wands is using the PDF Form Template. It can be opened using the free Adobe Reader software. The document will have five areas where the text can be changed. (they probably show a blue highlight) You can simply re-type the text as you wish, and print the result.

You can also use the “Save As…” option to save your customizations for re-use later.

If you want to do more customization, such as adding images, you will have to use your favourite editing program. You have received a template ready-made for Microsoft Word, with text boxes placed in the right spots. Otherwise, the blank TIF file templates can be opened in any program to add your personalized content.

If you are needing a free program to edit files, I can recommend LibreOffice.

If you need help with editing files, please do get in touch. I would be happy to walk you through the process.

FONTS: The fancy font used in all the designs for headers and titles is called Day Poster Black by Nick’s Fonts. This is available free, and able to be used for commercial purposes. (Thanks Nick!) This font is automatically embedded in the PDF form, but you will need to install the font for use in other programs.

The body text is using Arial Rounded.

Tips For Printing

When you print, you may want to consider turning off any “toner saver” or “eco print” modes to make sure the black wand area is a solid dark black.

Make sure that you are printing the page at full size, without any “shrink to fit” feature selected. (Unless your printer has particularly wide margins, and is cutting off the edges)

When your prints come out, there will be a white margin along the black wand edge of the paper. The white part will have to be trimmed off, or folded over to avoid showing on the rolled-up wand.

Video Magic Lesson

In the bottom corner of the front page, there is a link to a video magic lesson. Not only does this help enthusiastic students with better instruction than that which can be crammed onto the page, but it is also a chance for people to connect with you and your business in another way.

By default, the video link is and you are welcome to use that generic page as is. It will remain there as a group resource for the foreseeable future. However, it becomes a stronger follow-up tool if you change it to a unique page for yourself. Direct it to a secret page on your own website. Or, if you’d like, I can help you set up your own page at

I have created a generic training video, available for your use. It is 15 minutes of in-depth instruction, covering each of the five tricks. You may use it as needed, and embed it in your own pages.

I would also encourage you to create your own videos. Your phone is capable of making better videos than the professional VHS cassettes where I started learning magic. So, there’s no excuse. Shoot a fun, informal, and friendly video which is another way to connect with your clients.

Plastic Tube Packaging

One thing that sets these wands apart as a quality item is the plastic tube packaging. It creates a nice finished product, and increases the perceived value.

This packaging is called “Poly-Tubing”, available from ULINE. It is 1 inch wide, and on a spool of 1500 feet! (over 2000 wands-worth per roll)

Direct Product Link:  ULINE USA  –  ULINE CANADA

In the UK (and perhaps Europe) this same product is called “Layflat Tubing”

Source in the UK: UK Packaging – Layflat Tubing

I order two spools to get good value for the shipping cost. I know I’m going to use it all eventually!

The tubing must be cut down to 8.5 inch lengths for the wands. This process is covered in the Assembly Video training below.

Bonus: The Perfect Rubber Bands – ULINE also has ideal rubber bands for the “Jumping Rubber Band” trick. They are small, so they fit very well for childrens fingers. (loose bands make the trick harder to learn) They also work well as an alternative way to keep the wands rolled up! ULINE USA  –  ULINE CANADA

Magic Lesson Video

Available on YouTube: